Since beginning my career as a PPC Manager, I’ve loved Data Studio. It not only allows me to create reports from multiple data sources (AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn, etc.), but it allows me to do so with S.T.Y.L.E. I mean, just take a look at some of the examples from Google:

Data Studio's examples

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There are some similarities between them, but each example is different, just like its data!  This is what makes Data Studio different from all the tools before.

1) Visual Freedom

I think one of the keys that make Data Studio useful is that you have complete control over your report. You can put things where they’re useful to you. Analytics and AdWords have custom dashboards, but you just can’t customize them the same way. Look at Google’s Data Studio examples for both Analytics and AdWords:



Simply put, it’s a definite step upwards in the world of data reporting. Plus, the reports are fully interactive. When you move your mouse over any graph, you can see more information. That’s just high quality!


2) Data Interpretation and Usefulness

While “big data” is a very popular buzzword that is thrown around in a lot of industries right now, many aspects of big data are overwhelming. I’ve read a reports that big data is already getting too big: it is outpacing us both in sheer volume and in storage space. In short, we have tons of information, but picking through it isn’t as easy as it’s touted.

Data Studio helps with this data by getting it available to use much faster. Previously, with AdWords data for example, you would have to export it, interpret it, maybe put it into a custom excel file with charts. Now, when I need to pull data for a client, I simply select the date range and what I want to see. I can even customize the report with their logo and share it to them directly.

For certain, many businesses collect market research, analytics, advertising reports, and other data, taking that information and utilizing it proves extremely difficult. Some companies use pricey software such as IBM’s SPSS to hold market data, and others are using lonely and complex excel sheets to showcase data. Now, with Data Studio, any user can create a report in minutes, with an easy drag-and-drop interface! You no longer need years of experience to see and interpret data. This has huge implications for businesses both large and small!

Long story short, Google Data Studio is here so that you don’t have to be a statistician to make use of your data. You can easily pull it to prep for meetings and impress whoever you share it with.

3) Customization

Data Studio’s top power to me is the ability to put the information most relevant to your business right in front, where it’s automatically updated when you need it. You can choose your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and smack them onto the first page of a beautiful report. You can include comparisons of previous weeks, compare data from multiple advertising accounts, and easily share reports with others. You have complete freedom.

Community is growing. There’s a decent subreddit (/r/GoogleDataStudio) where people can answer your questions. There’s a number of (unfortunately not all free) integrations that allow you to automatically pull data from other sources. Supermetrics is a great tool for this, and can pull PPC ad data from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly into reports, but at a (heavy) fee. Funnel offers a similar service but at a heavier fee (but you get more integrations).

Myself (Trevor) and Andrew are in the process of developing some free Data Studio community connectors to allow anyone to import Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other advertising Data into Data Studio. It’s a bit complicated, but when it’s done we’re passionate about all businesses having access to tracking things. If anyone reading this has a development background, drop us a line if you’d like to join in on this little project.

So those are some reasons why I absolutely LOVE Google Data Studio. It’s an easy-to-use tool that gives you visual freedom, helps you interpret data, and can be fully customized to your business.

Give it a shot!

P.S. Stay tuned, because we’ll soon be bringing a page with free useful templates and a little announcement.

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