Look, let’s start this off by being completely honest. We know marketing agencies have a bad reputation among business owners. They have a past filled with overcharging for questionable, un-measurable work done by minimum wage junior staff members while the big partners throw parties in a penthouse with leaf blowers and money…

But, just as in other industries, it’s the bad few big names who have made it more difficult for the rest of us.

We’re also completely aware that being an agency and writing an article with this title is going to be hard to sell. But hear us out! We work hard to rise above the mistakes and errors committed by our forerunners.

All of this said, our agency (and many others, for that matter) strives to bring real value to our clients at reasonable prices. We’ve got margins, too, mind you, but in the end if you crunch the numbers you might find out that hiring an agency is actually a better option for you. Let’s delve into our top ## reasons.

1) We Have More Experience

First of all, agencies have seen things

We’ve been involved with many different companies in different areas and industries. We know going in what will work and what doesn’t. We’ve built a playbook of strategies to use in each situation. If something changes or one strategy isn’t working, we can call upon a number of other proven methods that will bring results.

Think of an agency like a football or basketball coach: we’ve got a proven playbook and know where to put each player to make it happen.

We like to check out job postings for PPC advertising from time to time, and too often they look something like this:

Looking for PPC experienced with AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Bing Ads. At least 5 years experience in [industry] required. Must have a proven track record in [this, that, and the other].

Don’t get me wrong, finding that candidate would be amazing. Aside from what you’ll have to pay them (we’ll get to that later), if they have experience in the industry, would it really help? Often, they’re going to have experience in a small number of things that worked well for their last company. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. The question is: will what they did there really work for your company? 90% of the time, it probably won’t work in the same way. The strategy that pushed the 1992 “Dream Team” to success worked mostly because of the players who were there. They had to be coached differently than if they played for their own teams.

The truth is that no two accounts are even close to the same. A dentist in Vermont requires a completely different strategy in New York, even though they sell virtually the same services.

By hiring a good agency, you’re hiring people who have a vastly superior big-picture view and stellar strategy to bring you good results from your PPC campaigns.


2) The Math Works Better

Hiring a PPC manager might make a lot of sense. They will be sitting next to you in meetings, and your strategy will agree. But the money can be something that’s easier to forget about then you might think.

First, how much do we have to pay them? If we use the above example, based on 10 similar job postings on LinkedIn, the lowest salary you’re going to be paying is just under $65,000 per year. That comes out to about $5400 per month to have an in-office PPC manager. That might not sound too bad. But factor in that you have to pay taxes and benefits to this employee, and things start to add up. What budget you might have wanted to put into PPC advertising will now have to be shifted into salaries. This is assuming they won’t need help setting things up.

The point is, these are good costs to have in mind before you hire a PPC manager. Plus, you’re taking a gamble that what they set up is less likely to bring in good results.

3) Team of Specialists vs. Individual Freelancer or Consultant

Honestly, many freelancers and consultants can be really good resources for this kind of thing. Many of our workers started out as freelancers or consultants and they did good work. The only downside here is the difference between an individual and a team. With a whole team of specialists dedicated to success, the outcome is much more likely to be a win.

A jack of all trades is a good thing. But they will never stand up to the results of a team of specialists. The combination between a fantastic ad copywriter and a landing page designer is exponentially more powerful than if one person who was mediocre at both did it. You have to cover the bases, or your best results will slip through the cracks.

Another thing people look for is a local person who can come into the office. We get that hiring a local sounds good; after all, they know the area and target consumer, right? That might be true, but it also really might not be true. We don’t recommend this as a big reasoning to keep in mind.


So, if you have the say about who will manage your PPC, we hope we’ve at least brought up some interesting points. It might not be right for you. That’s totally okay. The purpose of this post is to keep you from choosing an agency if it is your best option. At least crunch the numbers, and grab a proposal. It’s always good to have your options in front of you. Then you can make a truly informed decision.





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